Presidents Message

Presidents Message

Presidents Message

Our company is built on the basis of intellectual human capital and customer relationships. We provide global business environment and offer advanced technologies by adopting the required business continuity processes. Understanding of basic customer needs and consistently meeting the expectations by delivering reliable and high quality solutions within the expected time frame is the key to our business.

Focusing mainly on business with Japan, we deliver quality products and solutions to
(i) Customers in Japan, with service offerings from our skilled human assets in India
(ii) Customers in India, with the advanced technological offerings based on our experience of working with Japan

As one of the new business avenues, we also extend the offerings and support to Japanese companies participating in the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor project of India.


President's Career Record

June 1986 Diploma in Computer Technology, Board of Technical Education, Maharashtra.
December 1987 Started learning Japanese at a professional institute in Mumbai.
June 1989 Graduated in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University.
October 1989 Joined Tata Consultancy Services, the largest IT Company in India.
December 1989 Passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3.
December 1990 Passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2.

April 1991 to 

April 1992

Worked on deputation at a leading IT company in Tokyo, Japan.

July 1993 to

 January 1994

Worked on deputation at a leading IT Corporation in San Jose, USA.

April 1994 to

 October 1994

Developed trading system for a financial company in Tokyo, Japan.

November 1994 to

 July 1996

Project In-charge of trading system team at leading stock exchange of India.
July 1996 Joined as President of Unitech Systems.
November 2006 Passed JETRO Business Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1.