Face Recognition System

FRS (Face Recognition System) is based on the biometric technology provided by Unikaihatsu Software. Face recognition technology analyses the unique shape, pattern and positioning of facial features. Unitech Systems offers customized solutions using FRS. technology.



    • No human and device interaction required.
    • Fast processing compared to conventional biometric solutions.
    • Accuracy in recognition.
    • Existing hardware infrastructure can be used.
    • Easy installation.
    • Less hardware required, since technology is software based.

Features Overview

    • Face is recognized in Real time (i.e., Live) environment
    • Capable to recognize the frontal face posture up to 10 degrees
    • Multiple images of the same face are captured and used for face recognition
    • Quick face recognition (less than 1 second)
    • Supports multiple terminal, multi location environment for registration and recognition
    • Controls the Camera Zoom, Pan and Tilt by software for accuracy


How It Works


    • Captures multiple pictures of an individual
    • Registers the images in Database


    • Captures the image and compares with stored images in Database
    • Performs the defined process when match found
    • Displays the defined message when match not found


Unikaihatsu Software offers customized solutions using FRS. technology.


Visitor Management System

VMS tracks the visitors in private or public premises. VMS is based on biometric face recognition technology. With VMS, you can keep a check on all in coming visitors, track their movement, as well as register their out going details by barcode technology (Reading the barcode on visitor pass).
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Attendance Management System

AMS tracks the attendance of Students and Teachers in a School / College / University. AMS can be customized and integrated with other systems of Payroll and HR. AMS also supports multi location operation through its inbuilt Data Transfer module.
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