DocuTOOL is a Web-Based Document Management System. Documents can be scanned and stored in various formats. The documents are then read using OCR Technology and indexed for search like google. The system is equipped with efficient, user-friendly functionalities enhancing  productivity and user-convenience


  • Data is safe on central server. Thus reducing theft of the document.
  • 24 Hour access to documents with internet connection. *1
  • Easily searchable with keywords. Hence increase in productivity by reducing. manual search of documents.
  • Paper cost and ink cost is reduced.
  • Access from anywhere through smart phone. *2
  • Provide Security by user access control for sensitive documents.

Features Overview


    • Scan and store the documents.
    • Read the image using an OCR. *3
    • Index the documents for faster search.
    • Supports DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF and TXT file formats.
    • Manage the documents by Admin module.


    • Search with Full text, like Google.
    • User access control.
    • View the document as a ‘Book' in browser.
    • List of books displayed in which search keyword exists.
    • List contains sentences in which search keyword exists.
    • By clicking title in search list corresponding page opens where keyword exists.
    • Japanese text search supported.

Book view in browser

    • Document is viewed as book in browser #1.
    • Page curl effect for page turning #2.
    • Page jump by specifying page number #3.
    • Zoom by double click or button click #4.
    • Print displayed pages (Left, Right or both pages can be selected) #5.
    • Download whole book #6.
    • Page scrolling by buttons (First, Last, Next, Previous) #7.
    • Current page, Total number of pages display #8.
    • Reverse book reading for Japanese books supported.